Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting our visitors' privacy and we will not collect any personal information about you as a visitor unless you provide it voluntarily.

Any personal information you communicate to us is kept within our own records in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2001.

The Data Protection Act 2001

The Data Protection Act 2001 has been enacted on the 14th December 2001 and the section concerning the appointment of the Data Protection Commissioner and the Data Protection Appeals Tribunal has been brought into force as from the 15th July 2003. We therefore consider that we have a legal duty to respect and protect any personal information we collect from you and we will abide by such duty. We take all safeguards necessary to prevent unauthorised access and we do not pass on your details collected from you as a visitor, to any third party or Government Department unless you give us your consent to do so.

Information Collected

As a visitor, we collect four types of information on you:

  • Contact or feedback information
  • Web page information
  • Financial transaction information
  • Site usage information

If you read or download information from our site, we automatically collect and store the following non-personal information:

  • The requested web page or download
  • Whether the request was successful or not
  • Information pertaining to your financial transaction but not credit card numbers
  • The date and time when you accessed the site
  • The Internet address of the web site or the domain name of the computer from which you accessed the site
  • The operating system of the machine running your web browser and the type and version of your web browser

Please note that this information is not shared, rented, or sold to any other organisation.

You may request us at any time what information is effectively held on you if any, at that particular time. You have the right to have any inaccuracies corrected and where applicable erased, if they are not already deleted.

The Land Registry ensures visitors that:

  • Personal data is processed fairly and lawfully
  • Personal data is always processed in accordance with good practice
  • Personal data is only collected for specific, explicitly stated and legitimate purposes
  • Personal data is not processed for any purpose that is incompatible with that for which the information is collected
  • Personal data that is processed is adequate and relevant in relation to the purposes of the processing
  • No more personal data is processed than is necessary having regard to the purposes of the processing
  • Personal data that is processed is correct and, if necessary, up to date
  • All reasonable measures are taken to complete, correct, block or erase data to the extent that such data is incomplete or incorrect, having regard to the purposes for which they are processed

Personal Information

When you fill the form on the "Contact us" page, we use the personal information submitted in the form only to respond to your message. This personal information will not be kept longer than necessary and will be deleted once the feedback requirement is met

We will not obtain personally-identifying information about you when you visit our site, unless you choose to identify yourself through our registration system. You may request us at any time what information is effectively held on you if any, at that particular time. You have the right to have any inaccuracies corrected and where applicable erased, if they are not already deleted

We will NEVER release, sell, give or rent your information to any other party or organisation, without your explicit permission. If you choose to stop receiving information on our services and products, we will honour your choice and refrain from sending you such announcements. You may change your choice at any time


Our site may have a number of links to other local and international organisations and agencies. In some cases, we link to private organisations with their permission. It is important for you to note that upon linking to another site, you are no longer on our site and you become subject to the privacy policy of the new site.


GOVNET uses cookies to identify to the webserver which user is making what request. A cookie is a small piece of information that is sent to your browser along with a web page when you access a website. Your browser will return the cookie information only to the domain where the cookie has originated, i.e., and no other site can request this information. When you return to GOVNET, the cookie is sent back to the web server, along with your new request.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

If there are any changes to this privacy policy, we will replace this page with an updated version. It is therefore in your own interest to check the "Privacy Policy" page any time you access our web site so as to be aware of any changes which may occur from time to time.